Traffic Control Planning Services

TTCP Express works with established traffic control companies to manage maintenance of traffic plan work flows, while also helping other groups, contractors and individuals with traffic control plans and information. Our online design services are available in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and Washington DC for both short-term and long-term projects.

Traffic Control Plan Design

TTCP Express designs both site-specific custom traffic control plans and typicals using modern computer design software coupled with satellite, aerial, and ground-level images of roadways. This allows us to produce highly detailed plans for almost any road in America.

Our industry leading MUTCD-compliant plans also have a clean and professional single-page layout, which is more intuitive to understand compared to expensive multi-page engineered plans that are generally only required for major roadway improvements. TTCP Express plans still contain all of the necessary details for each section of road and the exact placement of equipment, but at a much lower cost. Plans are also branded exclusively with your company’s name and logo as a standard design feature.

Free Consultations

Determining where to begin in planning for your next traffic control operation is as easy as contacting TTCP Express.

We can help you from start to finish in figuring out what type of traffic control you’re going to need, the required equipment, creating your plan, where to submit your plan for approval, working with the traffic engineer in your area, and even how to set the traffic control pattern yourself with our step-by-step numbered plan option.

TTCP Express takes the mystery out of traffic control by giving you the tools to make informed decisions. Whether it’s preparing a construction bid, contracting another company to do the work, or for equipment rental—let our 14 years of experience in the traffic control business work for you.


To get started designing your next traffic control plan