Creative Crosswalks


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The Guardian (UK newspaper) recently posted an upbeat photo story about “Creative crosswalks around the world” on their site. The article has many examples of some interesting designs that range from unique advertisements to surreal artwork. This is also a good reminder to always watch out for pedestrians when driving, and don’t forget to take crosswalks and pedestrian safety into account in … Read More

Driving Slow in the Left Lane is Dangerous

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Vox Media recently uploaded a compelling video about why it’s dangerous to drive slowly in the high-speed lane on roadways. Even going 5 MPH slower in the left lane can cause other motorists to make unnecessary lane changes, potentially causing accidents to happen. Driving slow in the left lane can also lead to major backups on roadways. Many states have “Keep … Read More

Step-By-Step Numbered Plans

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Save time and work safer by using color-coded Step-By-Step Numbered Plans. TTCP Express can add step-by-step numbering to any plan that you order for an additional $25. This unique feature covers both the setup and take-down procedures for each traffic control plan. It also allows you to coordinate separate crews on a job by giving each team a section of … Read More

Traffic Control PPE


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All traffic control workers should wear personal protective equipment at all times while in the field to prevent injury and to increase overall visibility to motorists and other workers. It’s not only a good work zone practice, but is always required, and can lead to fines or work stoppages if a worker is caught without properly wearing their personal protective … Read More

Single Shoulder Closure

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This article is intended for informational purposes only and provides a general overview of how to setup, maintain, and remove a single shoulder closure on the highway. This is a great place to start in learning how to safely and effectively set a traffic control pattern, because many elements in this setup are similar to more complex types of roadway … Read More